suddenly, i'm not so sure.

I am at Niagara Falls right now!!
loving this vacation so far, pretty much all we've done is explore and eat.
I'm so excited cause we're going to Skylon tonight!
Anyways there are a lot of fun things to do up here; pretty much a thousand attractions including 4d movies and museums and even more different foods and gifts.
Daria & Michael are coming up tomorrow can't wait to shimmy it up with them.
Oh also, we managed to somehow lock ourself out of the hotel room yesterday within an hr of checking in. Long story short there's a back door to the fire exit that clearly has a sign stating do not open because room key won't work and somehow we wen't out and got locked out and it took like an hour to get back in haha.
ps. after years and years and years of lusting after the Acne Atacoma Wedges, guess who got them?!?!?! I DID!!!
I love them so much!!

  • Floral Crop Top & Coat Newlook
  • 3d Floral Skirt Primark
  • Atacoma Acne
  • Bullet Crystal Necklace Self

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