i'm up all night to the sun

This past weekend I went up to Bronte Creek with Bianca, Justin, Jayson, Wesley, Andrea, Chris, and AJ.
It was actually a lot of fun, it was great getting away from the city.
Sleeping in tents is awesome, it's just so nice to be with nature.
It was honestly a crazy weekend, all I can really remember is being offered an abundance of fruit and water, this is meta, and basically living out of Justins trunk haha.
Anyways coming back home, I checked up on my emails and everywhere is having a sale(pretty much every link for where i shop)!!!!
I ended up making purchases from PLNDR, Newlook & I am waiting for midnight to make an order from Domino Dollhouse(they're having a 40% off sale starting tonight use code 40HOT!!)
I actually have mostly been buying shoes lately, I think Bianca's sending the shoe addiction over~~*~~~
I'm heading to Niagara Falls tomorrow till Saturday!!
I'll have an update sometime before I come back, i'm going to Skylon(basically CN Tower of Niagara Falls) hehe can't wait.

 Cute Beebz & I

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