i've neglected this for far too long,
anyways, i got a new job last time i posted, which has led me to;
having boring hair, more money to blow, no time, and a frivolous shopping addiction.
i've bought a whole ton of things that i haven't had time to blog about wah :'(
this is a prelude to my post probably tommorrow,
boyfriend and i spent some time in new york earlier this month.
i just went tooo crazy, aha enjoyed myself far too much.
these are some things i bought,
OH AND BEFORE I FORGET, i finally got the cosmic jeffrey campbell litas i've wanted forever!!!
i found them on ebay and ended up losing the bid last week, buuuut, luckily the person didn't end up paying and i got to get them!! aha i'm so excited, also biffle bianca venerayan and her twin danielle roche are having a launch party for there fashion line for Kastor & Pollux, which means i'll have somewhere to wear my beautiful cosmic litas ! :) eheheehe i'm too giggly.

ring collection is at 45 nowwww, i know it sounds like a lot, but i want more and more.
favourites will always be mood ring from topshop, hello kitty x neivz bow ring, zombie love ring from and tarina tarantino barbie ring from jayson

some fun mint undergarments in new york, seriously am in love with this bralette, might possibly wear it tomorrow.
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