lace is an essential, although i'm not a fan of just lace on myself aka like pure seethrough, see skin equals no no.
since i am s00o0o0o0o0o0o0o modest i only like layered lace, like lace over on under dresses, or partial lace cardigans or lace tights.
i have these dream store lists, also known as a huge problem for myself seeing as i am always online shopping without the actual shopping since i don't have a credit card, which i want to get, but i'm iffy because if i do get one, i will be broke as shit in like 2 days, and then have a huge ass debt to pay off.
so for now, i must beg and beg my dad to let me use his credit card and give him the cash which he doesn't like me doing because he doesn't like me shopping in general.
i honestly feel like i have no clothes, but when i clean my room all i see is clothes piled everywhere.
i think what it is, is that i'll love an item/s for a long time and re wear it often, but after about 2 weeks i'll get bored and just want a new outfit, which actually happens quite often.
i also hoard clothes, because there is always times where i'm like o0o0oh i remember that top/dress/etcetera where is it?!?! oh right, that was thrown out/given to good will.
like theres this one cardigan with one of those coloured arm bands that i really really loved for a whole summer, two summers ago. but now i have no idea where it is, and have been looking for it for the past 2 months, i can't remember if i gave it away or it just went missing :(
i really need a closet, i'm so sad that all my clothes is askew everywhere.
finding an outfit everyday is so stressful and tiring i have no idea where any of my things are.
i've noticed two things about myself 1. i wear a lot, and i do mean A LOT of blue, or i just own a lot i'm not sure. and 2. i don't wear anything but skirt, top, cardigan or dress and cardigan outfits. i rarely wear jeans, i'm not sure i just don't like them. i went through this huge phase 2 years ago where all i wore was jeans, a top and a hoodie. how lame. thus, now i never wear jeans, and hoodies are only worn in winter or traveling since there so comfy and warm.
plans for the weekend slash every weekend but never works out are to clean and organize my bedroom and figure out outfits.
this is my outfit of the day, also i haven't worn those wedges since the weekend i bought them aka montreal aka july, they were only worn for like 3 days.
they needed a trip out before fall comes around.

just chillin at work haha

my aunt took this, i honestly think she is the most handicapped person ever she has no idea how to use focus hahaha <3

here's a close up on my shoes that make no sense cause here in a weird position because i have no idea how to use self timer on my camera and just clicked it awkwardly haha.=
  • White Cardigan Aritzia
  • Blue Tank Dress Aritzia
  • Black Lace Panel Leggings Urban Planet
  • White Lace Tank Urban Outfitters
  • Pink Purse Forever 21
  • Studded Strap Wedges Aldo
  • Clock Locket Urban Outfitters

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