and watch me tremble

I actually have never worn this out, probably because one i personally feel like it's a little long seeing as it comes down past my knees, which i hate because it's stuck in between that awkward length of a full length dress, and a short mini dress and then i have nostalgic feelings of grade nine when i had my kilt down to my knees like a little nun because my mom forced me, and i cried all morning. it was totally embarrassing but anyways, i'm not much of a fan of that shade of blue, i'm more of a seafoamy or even closer to mint. another reason is because i hate extreme cleavage, maybe in the past i didn't care but now i am so conservative.........................................just kidding, but really i hate extreme cleavage on myself so i don't really like that haha. i do love that tiny dark jean vest and the stud ring i got last year, and now have no idea where it went.
pro's about this dress is;
+ i got it at the first american apparel sale for $8
+ it's extremely versatile seeing as i can wear it a whole bunch of different ways
+ although i hate the length of it, i can easily hem and fix it yet i am totally lazy.

  • Blue Dress American Apparel
  • Jean Vest Value Village
  • Stud Ring Urban Outfitters

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