it's a change of pace to see my face

i'm incredibly sleepy, yet completely restless.
i haven't done my laundry or any homework, but that's okay i'll get back on top soon.
but anyways, i went to buffalo yesterday to do a little shopping, which actually became a lot
seeing as i came home with about 600$ worth of clothes and shoes.
i still don't feel set for the fall, and i keep consistently spending money which is totally insane,
since i have almost none to begin with.
which made me think about how i haven't asked for money from my parents for half a year.
how i'm affording shit, i have no idea.
i'm getting paid in about 16 days, so i'm quite excited.
i'm also excited to start working fulltime again in a year,
ie. next april-sept
although it's extremely far away i just want to be cakin'
yesterday i bought, a million jeans(just 5)
2 reg leggings
like 8 sweaters
3 tops
a pair of boots
and 7 bras hahaha
i probably got some more but i can't really remember.
oh yeah a few skirts and shit
pretty excited!
i really need a closet because i don't even know what i own anymore my plan is to get like
2 or 3 of these, probably 3

  • Forever 21 Grey Hoodie cut off & cuffed sweater

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