been m.i.a. forever ahaha, aka haven't updated in literally months.
i've just been too busy/lazy as of lately.
i'm gonna try and update more but anyways,
todays sherry & jed's goodbye party since, jed is going back to england forever :'(
and he's taking my lovely biffle with him for a short time.
so sad, bittersweet goodbye :(
oh also my boyfriend got me the barbie tarina tarantino ring i've wanted since 9th grade! <3
oh and my hair is no longer pink!
i got a job at starbucks and unnatural hair colour isn't really allowed... so i'm just gonna tie it up really well ahaha.
took these in jaysons lobby.

  • Lace Dress Thrift
  • Leggings American Apparel
  • Mocs Soft Moc
  • Barbie Ring Tarina Tarantino
  • Necklace Jayson Cacdac
  • Purse H&M
  • Bow Headband Bianca Venerayan
  • Lace Bustier Aritzia

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