if your stomach feels weak, then my work here is done.

quickly going to write this before i head to work,
saturday was a good friend of my boyfriends competition.
i thought it was a fashion show because that's how he explained it, it ended up not being a fashion show so i just looked totally extra in my litas since everyone else was casual but whatever.
she won the unity award! huzzah congrats nina :)

  • Stud Litas Jeffrey Campbell/Jayson Cacdac<3
  • Design Crop Top H&M
  • Floral Skirt Zara
  • Cream Kneehighs Forever 21
  • Mint Clutch ASOS
  • Bracelets Cousin
  • Barbie Mod Ring Tarina Tarantino/Jayson Cacdac
  • Bow Bianca Venerayan
  • Necklace Forever 21

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