Japan Funbox Review

Japan Funbox Review
I was sent the Japan Funbox Mini to review, it costs $14.99 a month with free worldwide shipping! It's a box filled with Japanese candy and snacks so I was super stoked to try it out! There were 6 treats inside and I've tried a lot of different Asian snacks in general so I was actually pretty surprised that I hadn't seen a few of these! Overall the box was pretty good, if you're into cute Japanese surprise snack boxes this is definitely one to try! I feel like the box was a real mystery, I genuinely had no idea what some of these things were haha.
Japan Funbox Review Japan Funbox Review
I've tried these before, they're one of my favourites, it's spicy pizza chips! I haven't found these in Toronto at all, I tried them last Summer while in Hong Kong and was hooked, sadly, we only have the regular pizza chips :'(
Japan Funbox Review Pretz are super common, most people have tried these! I grew up on these as a child, they're sort of like a tomato flavoured pretzel and pretty delish!
Japan Funbox Review Chocolate cookies that I never tried, they were super melted but my friend said they were delicious! ^_^
Japan Funbox Review
I have no idea what this is (let alone the flavour?) still, some sort of gummy candy that was actually pretty good! 
Japan Funbox Review
The Whistle Candy was pretty fun, my friend and I enjoyed whistling with them and they were grape flavored but melted pretty quickly. I like the cute little box they have to store the candy.
Japan Funbox Review
I think this was Sakura Cherry Blossom flavored kinda pop rocks thing? The flavor was not my fave for sure. 

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