Wantlist x Winter Coats

It's getting pretty chilly outside sadly, it's finally starting to snow here in Toronto. :'(
Oddly, I'm still not use to the cold even after living here my whole life.. what I am use too is having an abundance of winter coats. Since our winter typically lasts through November up until beginning of April (if we're lucky), I've always had a collection of different winter coats - I currently have 12 different winter coats that I've accumulated, and kept over the past 6 years. I'm still always on the lookout for more coats and spent a good portion of my evening looking for the best coats! I just received one of the coats the other day and I plan on purchasing a few more sometime soon! I'm really in love with the Junarose Fur Coat, I seriously ~*hope&pray*~ they'll ship to Canada sometime in the near future. I also need that Boohoo Katja jacket, ASAP! I thought I'd share my current coat faves with you all! Which one do you like best/which one do you think I should get next???

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