and i'll run away, away with you

So for once i actually have nice outfits taken of me,
technically these are suppose to go onto my new surprise blog, which will be launched in a few weeks.
i am actually so excited, but my co blogger wants different photos....
so technically i can use these, i think.
anywhooo, i have a few update posts that i'll probably post tonight but they are almost all shitty quality macbook photos because, i suck as a self photographer and no longer have a tripod, so the macs the second best.
i've been having a terrible continuation to a bad week.
but i don't want to be so pessimistic, so i shall just keep dressing happier to brighten my mood.
photocred to my boy biffle jeffrey!
on this day, we just went photoshooting near matts area, i think they turned out pretty nice.

  • White Pullover American Apparel
  • Floral Denim Shorts Forever 21
  • Black Tights H&M
  • Floral Necklace Forever 21
  • Studded Boots Forever 21
  • Brown Satchel H&M
  • Beige Purse Forever 21

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